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United Kingdom
Favourite genre of music: Rock. |D
Skin of choice: I'm not racist..
Favourite cartoon character: Myself, obviously.
Personal Quote: Life is not a problem to be solved, but a reality to be experienced.
  • Listening to: Do you know - Enrique Iglesias
{ i just want to practice writing idk }

The young, yet quite mature fourteen year old strode through the boisterous hallway which seemed to be filled with gifteds, DNAs, and more. It was a quite a peculiar school. Fights were always busting up here. Although he'd always attempted to stay away from those things, he'd end up somehow getting in it anyways. Since he stood at only 4'7" and was shy, he was an easy bully victim. He hated being shy but words could never come out sometimes. It was kind of a thing in his family.
Someone brushed past him, making him slightly jump. It was a bully. Hmm, that was awkward. He didn't notice him.. or was it just a simple joke?
The bell rung loudly aching his ears. He sighed softly to himself as he exited the loud hallway.
Soon he'd entered his classroom where there were only a few people. He ignored them and went to a desk putting his things down.
Marvelous.. here came the bully, known as Zephyr.
Did I mention that was sarcastic? Well, yeah it is, if you weren't smart enough to get it.
"AYE! Here he is.." Alex announced, gesturing for the others.
They nodded loyally and walked over.
"Looks like we got our bait, eh?"
Then they'd all began laughing and joking among themselves.
Alex then motioned for them to stop looking unhappy, and as soon as they'd seen his face they had shut up.
He grabbed a fistfull of Arick's shirt, was the kid, pulling him close.

An alarm clock went off. I then figured out it was a dream.
In fact..  I didn't even know who the two were. Or what school it was.
I don't know why I had that dream..
was it simply a childhood memory that I didn't remember?
Ah, it didn't matter. It was nothing important.
Or was it..?

dude i swear i don't even know what this is
i just wanted to write :I

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